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New secondary medic’s unlock (Quick-Fix), unlike Kritzkierg, not only changed Über effect but also healing mechanic. But what if medic likes this new healing method but he doesn’t like it’s Über effect? We could give medics opportunity to make their medigun more customizable. So they can have faster healing without overheal but with Kritzkierg’s Über effect for example.


General changes

  • Secondary unlocks affects only healing method.
  • Medic gets new weapon slot: primary PDA which is for Backpacks. Backpacks will change Über effects.
  • Stock secondary weapon is Medi Gun and stock PDA unlock is Übercannon.
  • Krietzkierg is now PDA unlock because it affects Über effect.
  • Quick-Fix is divided into Quick-Fix (secondary unlock) and Super Dosis (PDA unlock).


Unlocks appearance


Medi Gun
Stock secondary
Can overheal

Secondary unlock
Heal rate increased 40%
Match the speed of any faster heal target

Can’t overheal


Stock PDA
Über effect: Immortality
Blocks capturing the points and carts while in use
Can’t be used on players with Intelligence

PDA unlock
Über effect: Critical hits
ÜberCharge rate increased 25%

Super Dosis
PDA unlock
Über effect: Megaheal
ÜberCharge rate increased 25%


Sample mixes

  • Medi Gun + Übercannon = Nowdays stock Medi Gun.
  • Medi Gun + Kritzkrieg = Nowdays Kritzkrieg.
  • Medi Gun + Super Dosis = New unlock, possibility to overheal with Megaheal Über could be much better with heavier classes than with nowdays Quick-Fix. Good when we want to cap something but we also want to stay alive longer. Best for capping points. Also remember that Medigun doesn’t have heal rate boost so Über will be weaker compared to Nowdays Quick-Fix Über.
  • Quick-Fix + Übercannon = New unlock, good when we want to pocketing scout and when we don’t like being killed by Crits. However this Über prevents from capping the points and can’t be used on players with intel.
  • Quick-Fix + Kritzkrieg = New unlock, good when we want to pocketing scout too but we can cap points then and damage enemies even harder, however this Über is the worst when it comes to survival.
  • Quick-Fix + Super Dosis = Nowdays Quick-Fix


New Über

This idea is from my previous post called New Unlocks but I wanted it to be here as well (because here it can PDA unlock instead of secondary unlock).


PDA unlock

ÜberCharge grants invisibility

Has 25% faster charge rate

Can’t shoot while under effect

Blocks capturing the points and carts while in use

Can’t be used on players with Intelligence

Comment: Perfect for ninja caps also good to beat sentry when you cant beat it with normal ÜberCharge (knockback). With this you just go through sentry farm and destroy all form beind. On collide no slightly uncloak, like spys cloak have. It isn’t any uber double (this isn’t point of this medigun), it’s only “special acctions uber” used less than another ubers.

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