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Monthly Archives: September 2011

New weapons bring to TF2 really cool thing. Customizable gameplay. Modern games seems to moving in this direction too (what is not surprising, because its always better to have to choose from). Sadly in TF2 passive stats, which relate to the player, are bind to weapons and by what we have so many melee weapons. Perks would free us from melee weapons, make gameplay even more customizable, make more tactics and unique sets.

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New secondary medic’s unlock (Quick-Fix), unlike Kritzkierg, not only changed Über effect but also healing mechanic. But what if medic likes this new healing method but he doesn’t like it’s Über effect? We could give medics opportunity to make their medigun more customizable. So they can have faster healing without overheal but with Kritzkierg’s Über effect for example.

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