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Valve Studio Orchestra have done great job with music in Team Fortress 2. However we can’t hear much their music in game. Why don’t put in more music? I have some ideas to solve it.



Every time you start TF2 you hear music. However, only one song plays. Why not loop all songs at the menu screen? Also if you join a server then disconnect, the music in menu doesn’t play, why not play it again? Also why not keep playing music when joing to server?


Why don’t put music when we are dead and spectating. These musics could be remakes of orginal musics, like that we hear at tutorial videos. Some people may be annoyed so we should be able to always turn off music in real time (in menu we would change default bind), for example with f6 key.


Why don’t put music in respawn? It could be radio on every: resupplylocker or/and locker. But to not affect the gameplay we couldn’t hear music when we are out of respawn. And to add cool efect, volume of music could change when we are farther from radio.

Missing music

Add music from “Meet the Sniper” and songs that I forgot or Community and I don’t know (if any are). Add Ignis Solus music :p.

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