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Unlocks form Valve have showed that Team Fortress 2 have missing weapons (If they have added bow why no add crossbow? Why isn’t there Feign Death with Motion Sensitive watch?). Also I have seen some good weapons in others games that could work in TF2 (of course small or major changes are needed). And some of following ideas were inspired by my ingame experience or by ideas of other players. No matter where the idea come from, imo these weapons could be fun in TF2.




Scout secondary unlock

When used, the player is invisible for sentries but isn’t able to attack

Comment: Used to circumvent sentries but without possibility to assume sentry attention. Also we can’t jump over half of the map with knock back form sentries and we aren’t immune to all damage, so players can still hurt us. Name is from here. Possible skin design.

Black O’Hole

Scout secondary unlock

Creates small black hole which attracts nearby enemies for short period of time

Comment: Grenade which could facilitate escape but also it could have much more applications. Grenade is less effective against heavier classes. It doesn’t deal damage to enemies. This weapon could work as spy secondary unlock as well. Weapon was inspired by Nebula Gravity Grenade from Hard Reset.


Pyro primary unlock

Reflected projectiles will burn enemies instead of dealing minicrit damage

+25% bigger splash damage radius on airblasted projectiles

Comment: Can burn multiple enemies from distance at one time. Even explode splash will burn enemies. With synchronization with another pyro or with flaregun it could be more deadly than orginal weapon.

Incendiary Cannon

Pyro primary unlock

Shoots explosive projectiles which fly along a parabola and burn enemies on hit

Comment: This weapon is from Fortress Forever. Weapon would be good to burn multiple enemies which are a little further. It would be great for pyros which like using Flaregun. Of course it doesn’t deal as much damage as RL or GL.


Pyro secondary unlock

Renews afterburn when hit burning players

-50% clip size

Comment: Weapon for pyros which doesn’t like flaregun neither when their victims escapes.

Fire Poker

Pyro melee unlock

Guarantees “Hard Afterburn” on burning targets

-50% damage

Comment: Hard Afterburn is kind of afterburn which won’t put out itself. Medic, water, jarate etc. are still able to extinguish.

Hot assistance

Soldier secondary unlock

Provides an offensive buff that causes nearby team members to burn enemies

Comment: That means any damage dealt while being under effect will also burn enemies. Charges its rage meter with damage dealt, takes 600 damage to fully charge rage meter. Better when team have pyros with Flareguns which can get crits on burning enemies. Why we don’t give this unlock for pyro? Because he wouldn’t be able to do cirts with Flaregun then.

Stickygrenade Launcher

Demoman primary unlock

Grenades stick to most surfaces

Grenades are breakable

Grenades do not explode when someone stepped on them

Comment: For demomen who don’t like when they don’t know where their grenades will go. Also ability to stick gives oportunity to make traps if someone is chasing you and makes grenade jumps more eaisly. Grenades still explode on direct hit.

Bouncybomb Launcher

Demoman primary unlock

Firing 6 small bombs that can bounce once from any surface

Limited range

Comment: This weapon have 4 ammo loaded. It fires at once 6 small spherical bombs (or it can be one but bigger size, it doesn’t matter), that aren’t hitscan but have speed similar to arrows form Hunstman. Bombs explode always after collision with players or buildings. Bombs explode after x seconds to limite its range. After bounce they recive additional seconds until explode. Weapon is much weaker versus heavier classes and buildings but it’s easier to use against scouts (worst demoman enemy). Is so because the enemy will have to deal with faster bombs, which the direction of flight is hard to determine because of bounce. Weapon is similar to shotgun because it bombs do not fall (unlike arrows), reloading is the same (reloading shot after shot, not all magazines unlike SMG for example). Weapon was inspired by Nailgun form Quake 3 Team Areana/Quake Live. Damage (and maybe reloading speed) should be determined after testing but imo it should be decreased a little. Weapon is a replacement of Grenage lachuner not Stickybomb Launcher.

Scottish Essentials

Demoman primary unlock

+25 max health on wearer

Makes sticky bombs explode on colide

Comment: Something like Ali Baba’s Wee Booties for real Demoman, not Demoknight. Normal Demonen using only Stickybomb Launcher likes additional hp from boots, but second advantage is worthless when Demoman isn’t using any shield. When bombs are glued they do not explode on colide.

Oldbomb Launcher

Demoman secondary unlock

+15% projectile speed

Shoots can’t be charged

Bombs doesn’t stick to walls and ceilings

-2 ammo loaded

Can lay up to 6 bombs at once

Comment: We can’t charge our shoots but bombs fly farer (with “+15% projectile speed”). It’s worse for defenders but better for attackers. Weapon for demomen who remember Team Fortress Classic. Remember that bombs still sticks to floor and we can still preform sticky jumps.

Armbomb Launcher

Demoman secondary unlock

Detonates stickybombs near crosshair

Explode splash and damage damage done increases as the pipebombs are longer glued (max dmg 300%)

-50% base damage penalty

-4 ammo loaded

Can lay up to 4 bombs at once

Comment: Almost always we mustn’t protect more than 2 or 3 places, so let’s make protect of 2 or 3 pleaces easier. “Detonates stickybombs near crosshair” so its works like Scottish Resistance. Bombs are bigger so it’s easier to destroy them. For those who like SR but doesn’t like big amount of bombs.

Multi Launcher

Demoman secondary unlock

Holding primary fire doesn’t launches the bomb farther but launches up to 4 bombs at once

Maximum charge time is now 6 seconds

Bombs can be destroyed by explosives

The more bombs were fired the longer arming time will be 

Comment: Simple unlock but could be fun. Maximum charge time of stock Stickybomb Launcher was 4 seconds.

Reusablebomb Launcher

Demoman secondary unlock

Holding primary fire doesn’t launches the bomb farther but makes it can be detonated up to 4 times

Can lay up to 12 stickybombs at once

+50% slower firing speed

Maximum charge time is now 6 seconds

0.8 sec slower bomb arm time after first detonation

Comment: For demonen who likes to defend but doesn’t like Scottish Resistance. After detonation bomb have to arm again to detonate it. We can have only 12 bombs out (but bomb-meter takes into account how much bomb was charged so we cant have 12 bombs chared to 4 detonations). However if we charge bomb to 4 detonations and we shoot it we still have 7 bombs in magazine. First bomb detonation have normal arm time so we can still preform sticky jumps . We can’t defend with this unlock many places but you don’t have to put new stickybombs after every detonation. Also it could be useful in attack if used properly.

Mine Launcher

Demoman secondary unlock

Launches sticky mines which explode when enemy gets near them

On direct hit bombs sticks to enemy

Shoots can’t be charged

-25% Projectile speed

-2 ammo loaded

Can lay up to 6 bombs at once

Bombs can be destroyed by explosives too

3 seconds of priming time

Comment: This weapon was inspired by Proximity Launcher. Bombs/mines explode when enemy gets near them so you can’t detonate bombs manualy (expect when you want preform sticky jumps, we can detonade mines near us). On direct hit bombs sticks to enemy. Only one mine can stick to enemy at one time. Mine sticked to enemy and explodes after 8 seconds dealing 100 dmg. Also holding primary fire won’t launch bombs farther. For players who doesn’t like normal Demoman gameplay, maybe with this weapon they will start to play Demoman.


Engineer primary unlock

Weapon fires projectiles which can be charged

Comment: Weapon for Engineers who thinks that shotgun is boring weapon. When shot is fully charged it makes explosive which can hurt multiple enemies. Also it can be used to preform Railjump. Weapon is from Fortress Forever.

Repairing Pistol

Engineer secondary unlock

Allows to reapair buildings from distance

Comment: Reapairs as fast as Wrench (it have that same rate and uses same amount of metal). It doesn’t deal any damage to buildings neither players. Projectiles have speed similar to Righteous Bison ones.

Miniteleport Launcher

Engineer secondary unlock

Launches miniteleport that can teleport only engineer who shooted it.

Comment: Example picture. Weapon for combat (or even ninja) engineers who don’t want moving their buildings. Miniteleports have a similar trajectory to jarate (they only differ in that: they bounce from every surfaces like sandvich). After shoot we just have to click M2 (we can do it even with other weapon) to teleport there where miniteleport had landed. Minitelepors are destroyed after use so we have to shoot another when we want teleport again of course we can shoot it only after cooldown (similar to sandvich or jarate one) . We have to wait a while to use miniteleport after we shoot because it have to arm. Mini-teleports are being destroyed when engineer dies. Also we can use it to quickly come back to our sapped buildings. Miniteleports can be destroyed by enemies. We can still build our normal telepors when we have this weapon equipped. May this unlock would be good as Spy PDA2 unlock too.


Engineer secondary unlock

+25 max health on wearer

No slowdown while moving buildings

Comment: Something like Darwin’s Danger Shield for combat engineers who often moving their buildings.

Healing Wrangler

Engineer secondary unlock

Enables manual control of own Dispenser

Comment: Alows to give: health points plus ammo (M1) and metal (m2) to far away located teammates. While in use teammates near dispenser can still get health/ammo/metal. Dispenser don’t have shield while in use (but maybe it should have it). Heal rate still depends on dispenser level. There is no heal rate boost because this probably would be OP.

Wallhack Banner

Engineer secondary unlock

While the buff is active, the user and nearby teammates see all enemies and their buildings behind walls

Charges its rage meter with damage dealt by sentry – takes 600 damage to fully charge rage meter

Comment: It works like Cart on Payload and Payload Race maps. We can’t see cloaked and disguised spies. We are also able to see their healt and thus degree of Ubercharge meter. Other possible charge sources: damage dealt by enginner, reapairing of buildings, using teleport by teammates, healing teammates.

Speed Banner

Engineer secondary unlock

While the buff is active, the user and nearby teammates gets speed buff

Charges its rage meter with healing teammates – takes 600 healt points to fully charge rage meter

Comment: Self healing doesn’t count. Other possible charge sources: reapairing of buildings, using teleport by teammates.

Mann Cannon

Engineer teleporters unlock

Building that launches user forward when he stands on device

Building that launches user  up when he stands on device

No cooldown

Comment: Item was inspired by Jump Pad (aka Man Cannon). Instead of two teleports (in, out) we have two jump pads (forward and up). Comparing to orginal form Fortress Forever one pad can launch user up too. This unlock takes place of teleportes which are completely useless in competitive. Building is useful on FFA too but we still have points to use teleports. Costs 125 metal to build. We can build only two pads at one time.


Medic primary unlock

Gives medic this ability

Move at the speed of any faster heal target

Allows to: charge with Demoknight, double jump while healing Scout, disguise as enemy medic while healing disguised spy [MAY] be invisibe while healing spy who enabled his watch

Comment: We lose primary weapon but we can always stay near our patient. However when he dies we are defenseless. It makes pocketing other classes more resonable.


Medic primary unlock

Slows down enemies on damaging hit

-1 health drained per second on wearer

-25% damage done

Comment: Medic is Support class so let him support. Blutsauger or Syringe Gun wont help you teammate much. This could help him more. Also easier to escape with it.


Medic secondary unlock

ÜberCharge grants invisibility

Has 25% faster charge rate

Can’t shoot while under effect

Comment: Perfect for ninja caps also good to beat sentry when you cant beat it with normal ÜberCharge (knockback). With this you just go through sentry farm and destroy all form beind. On collide no slightly uncloak, like spys cloak have. It isn’t any uber double (this isn’t point of this medigun), it’s only “special acctions uber” used less than another ubers.


Sniper primary unlock

Faster projectile speed

Damage increases with number of bolts in victim’s body

No need to charge shots

Slower reloading speed

No headshots

Comment: Weapon for bodyshoters. Bolts are faster than arrows but aren’t hitscan. Reolading is slower that because to balance lack of charging shots (always inflicts greatest damage). Weapon was inspired by Railgun.


Sniper secondary unlock

Coated enemies are slowed when they are under fire

Also handy for putting out a fire

Comment: It have coffee cup model from meet the snpier. Better for faster classes than jarate. Weapon could work as heavy’s secondary weapon as well but then Natascha would have to have completely different properties. Maybe it would be better as spy secondary unlock?

Dangerous Denaturant

Sniper secondary unlock

Ignites coated enemies when they are under fire

Also handy for putting out a fire

Comment: Another jarate-like weapon. Better if team have Heavies cooperating with Pyros who can get critical hits from Flaregun or Axtinguisher. Afterburn takes as much time as normal afterburn from flamethrower.


Spy secondary unlock

Does stun flash

Removes disguise after use

It have cooldown after use

User can’t do damage to dazed victim

Comment: Not versus buildings unlike orginal Spy secondary. Stun lasts time much shorter than usual Sandman stun but its still usefull. Also its normal type of stun (victim can still walking). “User can’t do damage to dazed victim” means that only person who dazed victim, can’t do damage to this enemy (only while victim is under effect, when stun ends we again can hurt enemy), teammates can do everything as usually. I added it because without it this weapon would be op. To stun enemy he must be in front of us and flash must be at short distance. This unlock may be good as scout’s secondary weapon too or should replace Sandman’s ball either maybe it should be spy’s primary unlock.


Spy secondary unlock

Allows user to push enemies and destroy their stickybombs without loosing disguise

Comment: Weapon that will help spy to get rid of pyros and destroy sticky traps. Frie rate same as flaregun. Sentries are removable by sappers in easy ways, so why do not let spies to remove sticky traps too?

Hack and Wrangler

Spy secondary unlock

Allows user to take control over enemy’s sentry

Shooting with sentry decreases it’s hp

Sapped dispensers and teleportes will look l like unsaped for all enemies excluding building owner

The Sentry Gun gains double firing rate

-100% damage done to sentry

-60% damage done to teleportes and dispensers

-50% hp for sapper

Setting sapper on sentry takes 4 seconds

Can sap only one sentry at one time

Comment: After we place sapper on sentry, we have joystick in secondary weapon slot which is used to take control over sentry. It works like Wrangler but without shield. Enemies can unsap with wrench or homewrecker (even wrench will do it with one hit). Engineer is alerted when his sentry is being sapped. Sapped teleports will look like as they were working but they won’t teleport (enemies will waste time trying to teleport). Sapped dispensers too but they wouldn’t heal/give ammo/give metal. When spy dies sapper is not destroyed but remember sapper won’t hurt sentry because we need to shoot to do it. Also “shooting with sentry decreases it’s hp” doesn’t allow spy to shoot it too long.


Spy secondary unlock

Allows spy to put radar on one enemy at once which allows us and our teammates to see enemy behind wall for 15 seconds

Comment: Something like Fan O’War but instead of minicrit damage we can see enemy just like cart on Payload or Payload Race maps. Doesn’t remove disguise.


Spy secondary unlock

Alows spy to put one explosive, without loosing disguise, which works same as normal sticky bomb

+25% explode radious

1 sec slower bomb arm time

Comment: For spys that plan their exscape ways. They can put this bomb around the corner and then trick enemies to make them go there. To detonate bomb we must have this weapon in hands and click M1 (not M2 because it cloaking us). Bombs are renewed after 30 seconds just like sandvich. Bombs can be destroyed as usual stickybomb. Wa can lay up only one bomb/C4 at once.

Heart Opener

Backstabs infects the victim after 4 seconds

Poison makes enemy’s HP decreases to 1hp within another 4 seconds

Does not remove disguise on a successful backstab

After 12 seconds healt points are being restored

Comment: Tweaked version of Heart Opener from Advanced Weaponiser. This version makes spy have to work with someone else to make this weapon really effective. Backstabed player can still survie even without medkit or medic when spy died and hadn’t teammate. Also instead of decrease to 1HP it could decrease to 10% of max hp.


Spy melee unlock

Instant Cloak upon backstab

Comment: Another weapon taken from AW. Weapon can be really healpful in killing enemies one by one but it’s totally useless with DR.

Quick Murder

Spy PDA2 unlock

Cloak Type: Speed boost

133% speed while cloaked

+100% jump height

+40% cloak regen rate

Lack of invisibility

Has faster Cloak consumption (6 seconds)

Cloak meter can’t be refilled by ammo sources

Comment: This unlock would drastically change the spy gameplay. You no longer hide like a coward you are now lethal predator! It would great for hit and run tactic. It’s also good in quickly catching the enemy. However can’t be used so often as other watches, it’s one way ticket. Could be good with L’Étranger.

Dead and Dagger

Spy PDA2 unlock

Cloak Type: Feign Death with Motion and Proximity Sensitive

+60% cloak regen rate

While standing still with cloak on, no decrease of charge

If you are close enough to an opponent with cloak on, no decrease of charge

Has faster Cloak consumption (6 seconds)

Can only be activated when it is fully charged

Cloak meter can’t be refilled by ammo sources

Uncloaking will lower the Cloak meter to 40% if above that amount when uncloaking

Comment: True mix of Dead Ringer and Cloak and Dagger which is better and easier for newbie spy’s learning Feign Death but it’s worse at beating greater distances. Charge won’t increase when stand still, unlike Cloak and Dagger, it only won’t decrease when stand still. It won’t decrease while you are close to opponent too, so you can slightly change you position. It’s have new watch sound which is quiter than DR because with this watch we should be able to decloak directly behind enemy’s back. Weapon is great for players who remember old TFC Spy gameplay (feign dead and wait). Good with L’Étranger.

Turtletron 9001

Spy PDA2 unlock

Cloak Type: Reduce damage with intangibility

While cloaked: Reduces  damage and subsequent damage received to a fraction by 90%

While cloaked: Makes the user immune to afterburn, blood effects and every curse (jarate etc.)

While cloaked: User can go throught enemies

+60% cloak regen rate

Lack of invisibility

Can only be activated when it is fully charged

 Has faster Cloak consumption (4 seconds)

Cloak meter can’t be refilled by ammo sources

Uncloaking will lower the Cloak meter to 0%

Can be only used while being under disguise

Comment: Very useful when enemy team have good spycheckers. We can trick them assuming damage in reduced quantities “Hey! You have shooting me much and I’m still alive, I’m teammate” and by going through enemies. However its harder to get behind enemy’s line because of lack of invisibility. Good with L’Étranger. Watch starts to consume cloak when we we draw it, no when we start taking damage.

Deleted weapons:

-Buffsucker (übersaw for soldier)

-Afterburner (jetpack)

-Directburner (lightning gun)

-Besonderepflege (lightning gun-like medigun)

-Mehrerebeiträge (dispenser-like medigun)

-Windmühle (über with ability)

-Massebehandlung (über like Concheror)

-Holy Dooley (sniper rifle without charge reset after shot *pic*)

-Negotiator (revlover with slowdown)

-Sound Sapper (turns off sounds for enemies)

-Cameleon Kit (faster disguise, -15hp)



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