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Now you can see that some items are just upgrate, comparing to orginal weapons, or are just useless. UNLOCKS WERE TO BE ALTERNATIVES. All orginal weapons were good. Now some of them, comparing to new, are not.



Pistol – only ammo change:

*ammo carried is now 48 for scout and engineer too

Comment: It means that you can maximally hold 5 magazines of this waepon. For scout is little buff for engineer is bugfix (seriously for what he have 200 ammo carried?). But don’t worry about enginner, he still will be able to spycheck with pistol because he have dispenser.

Holy Mackerel – weapon without any new properties? wtf?!:

*On Hit: rejects the enemy at great distance (similar as FAN’ rejects)

*Attack interval same as KGB

Comment: Weapon already differs from the original. Also it fits to new scout set, that is based on having enemy at longer distance comparing to other scouts gameplays. Also remove that gey hit-meter and FISHKILL.

Direct Hit – only one thing with that weapon is bad:

*Airshots damage boost occurs when victim is in midair and at a height above the second jump of scout.

Comment: Nowdays airshots arent true airshots.

Battalion’s Backup – cool sounding ability but not so good in practice:

*Provides a defensive buff that protects nearby team members from crits, blocks 40% of incoming damage and also makes immune to afterburn, blood effects and every curse (jarate etc.).

Comment: Increase of damage reduction from 35% to 40% and also added immunity to any damage over time and any curse. Also it needs new sound (maybe a little shorter).

Concheror – another cool sounding banner which is useless:

*While the buff is active, the user and nearby teammates are healed for 40% of the damage they deal. It can overheal too.

Comment: Increase of damage healing effect from 35% to 40% and now we can get overheal (which is really big thing).

Mantreads – there is any reason of using it?:

75% reduction in push force taken from damage

*Deals 5x falling damage to the player you land on

Comment: From 3x to 5x falling damage.

All soldier’s backpacks – tiny fix:

*Teammates can see how much rage is charged

Comment: It works like Medic and Ubercharges percent of charge, seen while crossair on him. Helpful for medics they will now know who they should heal most.

Equalizer – it should be weapon for escape (nerfs shown that but hadn’t helped much). My idea:

*Move speed increases as the user becomes injured

*M2 allows you to turn on blocking healing

*50 % damage

Comment: I know that orginal idea equalizer wasn’t for escape but soldier need this and people using this in that way. Also imo valve add speed boost because they want soldier to be demoknight double, but people aren’t using this weapon in this way so… now we will have reason to use shovel again.

Axtinguisher – it’s pure improvement comparing to orginal weapon, have to change it:

100% critical hit vs burning players

-50% damage vs non-burning players

No critical hits vs non-burning players

*40% shorter afterburn for primary weapon

Comment: It wont nerf pyro much but it make them to work faster with Axtinguisher (he will now have 6s to finish victim which is decisively enough. We already killing with Axtinguisher in less than 6 seconds). And we have reason to use orginal axe. Afterburn on Flareguns won’t change.

Homewrecker – good but only if we have engineer:

*100% damage vs buildings excluding Sappers

Damage removes Sappers

*Ignores Wrangler’s shield

*Instantly destroys carried buildings

-25% damage vs players

Comment: New interesting way to use this weapon, but you now have hit sapper twice to remove it.

Sharpened Volcano Fragment – medieval-only weapon

On Hit: target is engulfed in flames

*Afterburn is stackable

-20% damage penalty

Comment: That means multiple hits will make enemy burn longer.

Scottish Resistance – small fix which make it more comfortable in use:

*Bombs near us do not explode when we are detonating other bombs

Comment: This change is for players which are using SR in that way not usual way. One big group of bombs arranged at equal intervals. We can’t camping then but its surprisingly effective gameplay. It is pretty annoying when we are dying from our stickyboms. And I’m asking why you don’t allow to play in other way as comfortable as with well-know tactic? Unlocks were to serve new gameplay styles, don’t they? Change won’t make this unlock OP but will make it more comfortable for some users.

All demomnan’s  head-collecting unlocks – little change:

*Teammates can see how many heads you have

Comment: It works like Medic and Ubercharges percent of charge, seen while crossair on him. Helpful for medics they will now know who they should heal most.

Tomislav – one of the best(worst) upgrate weapons

Silent Killer: No barrel spin sound

20% slower firing speed

Comment: Old one can do everything what minigun can but better. And for those who think that Tomislav is ok, here is cool video.

Sandvich – only small/big fixes:

*Stops burning, bleeding, while consuming

Consuming heals user to max hp

30 seconds cooldown after consuming when no full hp

Comment: For what we heal when we still burning or/and bleeding? Also we can’t heal ourselfs with M2, it will only bring our sandvich back.

Dalokohs Bar – someone is using it?

*Consuming makes user able to heal 60% of the damage done for 10 seconds

*30 seconds cooldown after consuming when no full hp

Comment: Mad Milk in sandvich form. More interesting and more useful.

GRU – excellent weapon that is OP in competitive:

+30% faster move speed on wearer

-50% damage done

-6 health drained per second on wearer

*Blocks overheal when active

Comment: We can have overheal while we have this weapon equipped but we have to carring primary or secondary weapon. Overheal is instantly removed when player switchs weapon to melee. That means when medic healing us and we have GRU active we will have 300HP against 450HP. And when medic overhealed us and we have switched weapon to GRU our hp wil instantly decrease to 300HP.

Widowmaker – last buff make this weapon have no real downside

On hit: damage dealt is returned as ammo

No reload necessary

Per Shot: -30 metal

Uses metal as ammo

*Dropped weapons doesn’t give metal

Comment: It’s unfair that we can have metal from shooting to our enemies and also after killing them we can pickup their weapons for additional metal.

Quick-Fix – too few advantagesand thus few people use this item:

ÜberCharge increases healing by 300% and grants immunity to movement-impairing effects.

+40% heal rate.

+25% ÜberCharge rate.

*-60% heal rate while overhealing.

Move at the speed of any faster heal target.

*Faster disappearance of afterburn, bleeding and curses.

*Immediate disappearance of afterburn, bleeding and curses on uber.

Comment: We can now overheal our teammates with speed of level one dispenser  (10hp/s). However remember that overheal on uber will be faster but it will still be slower than normal healing (30hp/s not 302.4hp/s). Also by curses I mean jarate, mad milk etc.

— Medic melee fixes —


Now allows you to see an enemy’s health


On hit: 25% ÜberCharge added

-20% slower firing speed

*Can’t see an enemy’s health


Now allows you to see an enemy’s health

On death up to 20% of your stored ÜberCharge is retained

-10 max health on wearer


On death up to 20% of your stored ÜberCharge is retained

*Can’t see an enemy’s health


On Taunt: Applies a healing effect to all nearby teammates

*Can’t see an enemy’s health

Solemn Vow:

 When active, 60% slower ÜberCharge drain rate

*Can’t see an enemy’s health

[MAY]*-20% slower firing speed

Darwin’s Danger Shield – there is someone using it?

+25 max health on wearer

*User can aim well even if he is under fire

Comment: Now weapon isn’t only for those who doesn’t use secondary weapon.

Enforcer – wtf DR spy buff?:

+20% damage bonus

*-25% cloak on each shot

Comment: Dead Ringer spys are too weak? This change will make this weapon usable with normal watch and C&D but it won’t be pure upgrate weapon even for DR spys.

Conniver’s Kunai – really useless weapon:

*200% slower overheal discharge gained from backstabs

*Max overheal is now 200hp

*We can pickup medkits while overhealed to extinguish ourslefs

Comment: Now heal won’t run out so fast. And pyros wouldn’t be so annoying because we can get medkit.

Big Earner – another underused weapon:

*+60% cloak on kill

*-75% cloak from ammo boxes

*-100% cloak from fallen weapons and scrap metal from destroyed buildings

Comment: More unique stats will make this weapon more interesting. Remember that fallen weapons normally fills approximately 25% of a Spy’s Cloak.

Dead Ringer – one very bad thing about this one:

*Damage reduction is fading over time

*Damage reduction disappears while user is on fire

Comment: We already can kill spy when we detect him. However he can still survive backstab and full headshot because damage teaken to activace watch is still the same.


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